How exotic dancers almost caused a bird to go extinct

As a nature fanatic, I pay close attention to the visiting wildlife that parades itself along, and in, the river in front of my home. Normally, the list of guests varies only minimally, but every now and then we have a star appearance.

Such was the case last week when…


How did we ever live with less than 3000 brands?

Dear Shampoo Provider,

I am writing to offer my heartfelt thanks for the changes you have brought about in your marketing strategy (and my life) over the last few decades. These can only be described as pure genius. Many younger people will not remember a time when, upon entering a…

Beneficial creatures with a cruel reputation

In the small French village where I am living, there is a professional nature guide. Always keen to know more about the natural world around me, I recently joined him and a handful of other people for a night walk. …

Saint Catherine’s day is the day of the unmarried woman

InFrance, there are many towns that are associated with manufacturing of one kind or another, often in traditions that go back centuries. Millau, for example, is associated with leather gloves, while Aubusson is famed for its hand made tapestries. …

It’s got you hooked. You just don’t want to admit it.

I started this article yesterday as I sat beneath an umbrella at my market stall in a tiny village in the French Aveyron. It was in one of the red towns. …

Poll suggests majority favor death penalty

Today it is forty years since the French National Assembly first voted to end the death penalty. It was a controversial decision at the time and, four decades later, the matter still causes controversy in this country.

At the time of capital punishment’s abolition, the French were still using the…

Bring on the fat cat lawyers

At the moment, five of the world’s largest energy companies are in the process of trying to sue many governments worldwide for loss of profits due to their audacity at taking action to avoid climate change. …

Voluntary euthanasia is gathering momentum

Twenty years ago, when I first moved to France, I worked part-time for an elderly couple doing a bit of gardening along with various other odd jobs. Their story had already become a familiar one to me. A late middle-age couple moves to France tempted by a slower lifestyle and…

Once, this was the most forbidden word.

As a child, it was common for our mothers to threaten to wash out mouths out with soap if we swore. I never witnessed the threat actually being carried out but the fact that something was so seriously prohibited was enough to make me want to give it a go.

In search of a better me.

Have you ever gone through one of those phases where you start to wonder what life is all about, and more importantly, what you are all about? I have been struggling with that issue a lot lately.

Slogging over a computer day after day, pumping out content for the mills…

Mike Alexander

France based freelance writer with a passion for the environment and quirky cultural history.

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